Facial Skin Care For a Precise Guide of Easy Breakouts

Have easy facial skin breakouts indeed need a lot of patience. The reason, one of the few in Acne can take care of him popping up adorning the face. For those of you who have this problem, I will describe how to care for leather to easy face breakouts.

The thing that needs to be done to take care of easy face breakouts

Do you already know what causes pimples on the face? If not should find out first with a consult to a specialist skin and genital. Usually, the cause could be from outside (external) and also in the (internal).
Family history, hormonal changes, and certain diseases become internal factors are usually so the causes of acne. While facial hygiene, sleep habits, diet, and the use of makeup be the external factors that most commonly cause acne.
If you have an easy skin breakout (acne prone skin), let’s follows the following guidelines to take care of him.

Keep clean facial skin

In general face breakouts usually, tend to be oily. Therefore, you are advised to regularly wash your face with a facial cleanser made from BHA containing salicylic acid as much as 2 to 3 times a day. Please choose a product with the content BHA of no more than 2 %.
However, if you have a dry skin use a facial cleanser with PHA. PHA is a derivative of the AHA that tend to light and doesn’t irritate like AHA and BHA.
This product is useful for peeling of dead skin cells and aligns the skin colour. Use products that contain PHA by 4%. Don’t forget, use first milk cleanser if you are using a fairly heavy makeup.

Use a toner after you wash your face

The toner serves to care for and clean up the remnants of dirt still clinging to the face after washing your face. For those of you who have oily skin face use AHA toner after washing your face. While to You that dry or sensitive complexion toner made from PHA is usually more appropriate.

Use gel-based products

For you, the owner of oily skin should use textured products gel or lotion that is lightweight. The goal, in order not to stimulate the oil glands to be more active. To choose the right product is indeed hard-hard-easy. However, rather than try Your product better consult a doctor Sp.KK. Braga skin breakouts usually easily tend to be directly issued a negative reaction when trying a variety of new products.

Do not stay up

Stay up and sleep deprivation can stimulate the production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is known as the stress hormone that can aggravate acne and stimulates the formation of new pimples. To that end, if you do not want the acne to appear easily in the face, try to sleep with enough for about 7 hours.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index

Glycemic Index is a value that describes how fast food can affect blood sugar levels. The larger the glycemic index value will be the faster also increases blood sugar levels after eating.
Well, foods with a high glycemic index (above 70) like white rice, instant noodles, and sugary foods can stimulate the inflammation on the skin. In addition, these food groups can also enlarge the oil glands and make it more active so that the risk of acne will increase

What to do when the acne is being inflamed?

When acne is being inflamed don’t used to panic or stress. Preferably, use a specialized product such as BHA acne, benzoyl peroxide, or azelaic acid. The content of various help relieve inflammation and overcome acne.
But remember, don’t try products easily alternated every day. Because the skin can actually make any inflamed and acne is getting worse. If after using various acne medication You never improve, consult a doctor to KK Sp. treated appropriately and do not grow worse.

Caution in choosing products for the face

If you have facial skin breakouts should easily avoid materials that easily irritate the skin. Not only that, but you are also not recommended to use the makeup products are comedogenic or trigger the onset of blackheads.
You also need to avoid sunscreen containing PABA, dioxybenzone, avobenzon, or homosolate. If it turns out your sunscreen contains a variety of ingredients, avoid wearing it more than 3 hours. Because the content, range very easily clog pores and trigger the onset of acne.

May I try natural treatments?

In fact, natural ingredients such as vinegar, honey, tea tree oil, juice of lemon, and others are not scientifically proven to cure acne. In fact, instead of curing a wide range of materials it can instead be aggravating acne due to its nature that tends to irritate the skin.

However, you can still be really using natural ingredients. Only, should not be used when there is a pimple on the face first while being inflamed. If the acne is already emerging should use materials that are medically proven. Consult your problem to your nearest specialist. to obtain advice and proper care.

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