Living With One Kidney, Whether It Can Still Be Pregnant?

Maybe you never imagined life with one kidney. Of course, there is the fear of its own when you have to experience it. Don’t worry, in fact, many people living with this condition do not experience many complaints and still have the same life expectancy with other people. However, those of you who are planning a pregnancy may need to consider the preparation of a more mature.

The risk of pregnancy if the life with one kidney problems

The first step that must be done before the start of pregnancy is to consult a physician. You need to discuss a variety of things related to kidney health can affect pregnancy. For example, the severity of kidney disease, the amount of protein in the urine, blood pressure, as well as other issues that concern you.
To quote the page Kidney, in general, there are three related conditions of kidney function that needs to be considered by prospective mother pregnant. Following his review.
1. Mild renal disease

Mild kidney disease usually will not cause any impact on pregnancy. So, if you have normal blood pressure and there was only a bit of protein in the urine. However, you are not entirely free from the risk of other health problems. So, stay tuned to consult a doctor before the start of pregnancy.
2. High blood pressure
While not living with one kidney problems, high blood pressure uncontrolled thus can culminate in preeclampsia-eclampsia dangerous pregnancy. Both can lead to impaired fetal development, even premature birth.
3. Decreased kidney function
If You experience decreased kidney function is less than 50% with the number of creatinin micromol 150 per liter, then pregnancy can usually go well. However, you need to be more careful when experiencing more severe kidney function. The reason, the risk of experiencing high blood pressure and premature birth is higher.
Pregnancy should begin when kidney disease has not entered the stadium. When you have experienced kidney failure or need to do dialysis (washing the blood), then the pregnancy should be postponed until you get a kidney donor.

Do women who live with one kidney can still be pregnant?

You need to consider carefully before starting a pregnancy with one kidney. Compared to people who have two kidneys, women who live with one kidney is more at risk of having a problem pregnancy and fetal development associated hypertension, preeclampsia, gestational and eclampsia. These findings are contained in a study of pregnancy in patients with a kidney in the year 2017.
The study mentions that during pregnancy, the blood flow towards the kidney filtration rate and blood will increase. This does not affect women with normal kidney function. However, the workload of the kidneys will become more severe in women who have only one kidney so that allegedly can lose its function.
On the other hand, other studies conducted on a number of kidney donors found that women of pregnancy with a single kidney relatively safe although risks remain preeclampsia. Birthing can walk normally when there are no alarming conditions.
This is why the process of consultation and discussion with the obstetrician are especially important for women who live with one kidney. With thorough surveillance on health prospective mothers, pregnancy can be a safe and soothing process.

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