Too Long at The Computer Make a Neck Pain? These 6 Ways to Treat it

Most people often spend time in front of a computer screen. These habits can trigger neck pain causing any discomfort until the next day. These are powerful ways of treating neck pain due to overuse of staring at a computer screen.

Powerful tips for overcoming neck pain

The symptoms of pain in the neck due to the too often stare at the computer screen is indeed common in many people, ranging from young children to adults. Well, so that the pain doesn’t bother you, keep these surefire ways to treat neck pain.
1. Compress the ice cubes or warm water
Your throat feels sore? Try for the sore part which compresses an unused with ice cubes or water warm 2-3 time for 20 minutes in a day. In addition, bathing with warm water or using a patch can also help overcome a sore neck suffered.

2. Do stretching
People who often work in the presence of the computer usually rarely move chose to sit out because of the work that piled up. However, the longer you sit, the more difficult position.
Begin to spend one or two hours to move your feet every day. You can also stretch the neck and back every 2 hours sitting in front of the computer. 

3. Reduce stress
Neck pain can also be caused by too much work in front of a computer so make stress. Therefore, to reduce neck pain, try to listen to the song while using a computer or do the things preferred and reduce your stress.
4. Acupuncture
Treat neck pain can also be done by inserting needles into specific points on your body. Why acupuncture? Method of treatment of the East has been done for thousands of years ago and was advised to do so by a certified expert.

5. Sleep quality
After working in front of a computer screen in a prolonged period of time, try to get quality sleep, starting from the correct sleeping position and comfortable or by the neck, cushion can overcome a sore neck.

6. Swim
Swim can cope with neck pain, especially reduces inflammation and relaxes the neck muscles are tense. Check out these tips to treat neck pain with a swim:
  • Sign in to at Your neck in water
  • Try to water in the heated swimming pool
  • Use the breaststroke to be able to swim without having to take a breath so it won’t hurt your neck.

7. Increase the intake of magnesium
Magnesium can soothe muscle contractions and so most likely able to help you treat neck pain. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, soybeans, and wheat. In addition, because magnesium can absorb in the skin, baths with Epsom salt can also help cope with the pain.
8. the Drinking cure
When a pain in the neck doesn’t subside, try to take a medication pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, or naproxen to relieve neck pain.
Well, because preventing is better than cure, try to reduce activities that require you to sit in front of the computer. If the pain is still felt, immediately consult a physician or specialist nerves.

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