Treating Knee Pain With Exercise Movements 5 Easy To Do at Home

If knee pain, what can still be a sport? What sports should be also? Well, this frequently occurs when the knee pain. Of course, you do need some secure sports movement to help knee pain can heal faster. Don’t worry, the movements below can help you overcome knee pains.

5 simple movements that help overcome knee pain

Despite knee pain don’t be afraid of moving it. Keep exercising precisely make knees have stronger muscles and bending. This is the best way of keeping the health condition of the knee and to prevent injuries that may happen next
Strengthening the muscles around the bone would reduce stress on Your knee joints. The strong muscles in the front of the things and rear thigh knee joints help get a little more pressure so that it is increasingly possible to eliminate the pain his knee.
Then, the sports movement as what’s safe for the knee being injured?

 1. The Prone Straight Leg Raises

If knee pain, try this movement in a flat place. Tengkurap sleep on the floor or a mattress. Tighten the muscles in the buttocks, hamstring, then preparing to lift a leg like the picture above. Hold for 3-5 seconds over the distance is above.
Do 10-15 time of adoption for each of his legs. If this movement while doing your back become painful, should decrease the height of your feet.

2. Calf raises

To perform this movement, preferably near a couch or Chair. Stand backs onto a Chair or sofa as a supporter of your body to anticipate if knocked down.
Slowly raise your heels as high as possible, hold the movement for 10-15 seconds. Then lower Your heels to the floor again.
When you think it’s quite easy, try after raised maximum, lift the leg raised. Let one leg holding your load.

3. Wall squat

The movement is more challenging than the previous movement. First, attach your back at the wall, open your legs as wide as the shoulders. Then slowly bend the knees, lower up to 90 degrees. Do not bend forward. Drop Your butt to the rear part, towards the wall instead of forward.
If you feel an uncomfortable pressure on your knees, don’t enforce down. Do everything you can or change your position.
Repeat this exercise by holding 5-10 seconds once lunges. Then stand upright again.

4. Step up

This may seem trivial, just ascending lower legs. But make no mistake, this movement makes the muscles around your knee so the more powerful and flexible.
Place one of your feet above the field. If you don’t have a special sport tool, you can use a sturdy stool. Use the bench the shortest first.
When lifting the feet up, keep Your hips straight, then bend your knees and slowly lower the foot too slowly.
If this is too simple for you, use a Chair or a higher field again. The higher the field will work Your muscles harder. Do this movement is at least 10-15 times.

5. Side Leg Raises

Lie with one side facing up as shown above. If your knee pain, we recommend, the lower leg bent backwards to make you more stable movement in the next stage.
Then, walk the top offered up to approximately 45 degrees. Hold the foot in a position up to 5 seconds, then scaled back and relax for a bit.

Repeat this movement as much as 10-15 times. Next, change to the opposite side and do the same thing with the amount of movement that is also the same.

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