Why Have Diabetes So Make More Frequent Urination?

When suffering from diabetes, you may be experiencing many changes in the body. Starting from often thirsty and hungry, weight up and down dramatically, slow wounds healed, and frequent urination. Yes, have diabetes will make you so much more frequently back and forth to the bathroom, especially at night. This often makes you so hard to sleep well every night.

Why does diabetes make frequent urination?

You have to be alert if you feel so more frequent urination, especially at night. Urinating too often for a long time can indicate a variety of certain medical conditions, including diabetes symptoms.
You may be wondering, what to do with the emergence of diabetes desire want to pee constant dispute? As it turns out, are related to the rise in blood sugar levels in the body due to diabetes.
Of course, your blood sugar will be filtered out by the kidneys and is absorbed back into the blood. But due to the amount of excess blood sugar levels, hence the kidneys naturally could not absorb all the sugar. There has to be some sugar out with urine so as not to harm the body.
The kidneys have to work extra to filter and excrete the excess blood sugar levels through urine. This causes the urine to becomes more viscous, so it will automatically draw more water from the body to dilute it.
Well, at this time that the body will send signals to the brain so that you’re thirsty drink more and help dilute the urine. Because a lot of drinking, the body sought to exclude the excess fluid and make your frequent urination.

Distinguish the frequent urination due to diabetes or other diseases

Frequent urination is indeed become the main symptoms of diabetes, either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. However, the symptoms that one can also be caused by other medical conditions.
People who have diabetes don’t just complain of frequent urination, but usually also accompanied by other symptoms of diabetes. Of which:

1. Fatigue

Diabetes tends to be easy was exhausted because his body is not able to turn glucose into energy to its full potential. Thus, do not let your body is dehydrated because it can worsen fatigue.

2. Weight plummeted

If you are so frequent urination accompanied by weight plummeted, You could be hit by diabetes. This occurs due to a combination of two things, namely the low insulin levels and the body’s inability to absorb glucose in the blood.
In fact, sugar in the blood is the result of food digestion in the stomach, to be used as energy. Because the body is not able to absorb sugar, instead of the body will break down muscle and fat as energy. Then no wonder if your weight down so keeps due to diabetes.

3. Haze

Dehydration due to diabetes not only trigger the thirst, but also a pretty severe dry eye. If left constantly, this condition could result in view of so vague and disturbing visions.

4. Swollen gums

People with diabetes tend to have a weakened immune system. The body so it is not able to fight off various infections in the body, including infections in the gums.
Your gums will easily be swelled, sores or even pus in gums appear. When you realize the so frequent urination accompanied by one of these symptoms, check with your doctor immediately.

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